The World's Best Ways to Speak

The "legendary tutor," who has changed the way more than 1,000 presidents and corporate executives speak, teaches you secret 50 rules of speaking.

Junko Okamoto
Publication Date: October 2020
List Price 1,540 JPY (10% consumption tax included)
ISBN:9784492046777 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 256 pages

Never before published! This is the first book on all the methods of the "legendary tutor" who has helped more than 1,000 CEOs and corporate executives change the way they speak.
In just one book, you can learn all the skills related to speaking, including chatting, presentation, persuasion, explanation, praise, and reprimands!
Also, complete support for online meetings! Packed with the knowledge you need to know now on delivery, eye contact, tone of voice, and gesture!
These "50 Golden Rules" will help you get through work and everyday conversations. If you change the way you speak, your life will change!

Small Talk
- The top elites in Japan are actually not good at small talk, and everyone has trouble with it.
- Using wh-questions surely improve your small talk.
- The four types of questions make your conversation smooth.
- Use the “Law of Greatest Hits" to find topics of conversation that will please others.
- Grab the other person's attention with the “Law of Scandals."

- How do you learn not to be nervous during a presentation?
- The "Law of Yoo-hoo" can help you break out of your shell!
- Asking questions will turn your presentation into an empathetic one.
- Don't start your presentation with a self-introduction or a thank-you.
- To grab the audience's attention, use these five patterns at the beginning of your presentation.
- What is a bad pose that Japanese people tend to do?

Online meeting
- What is the best way to keep people from getting bored in an online meeting?
- Learn how to make your facial expressions and presentation materials more attractive and presentable.
- The key to "movement," "gesture," and "tone of voice" is here!
- The angle is the essential point of eye contact in online meetings.
- Transcending the distance, how can you communicate with others in a way that brings them closer to you?

Explanation and Persuasion
- Clean up your words and refine them into "words of the soul."
- Put an end to “rambling talk" with these three ways of speaking!
- Conclusion, content, conclusion. "Hamburger talk" is a very basic method that American children must learn!
- Excellent leaders use numbers effectively. Make an impact with numbers without rounding.
- What are the magic words that turns on the "I have to hear this" switch?

Praise and Scolding
- Be a "motivational wizard"! Your popularity and the motivation of those around you will all skyrocket!
- By praising others nicely, make them feel good.
- The basics of praise! When and how should you give praise?
- What is the golden ratio of praise to scolding proven scientifically?
- "Praise, scold, praise" is outdated. The correct way to scold is this!

Never worry about how to speak again! Your sense of weakness will disappear! You can speak well with anyone! With this book, your work and relationships will go well!

This book contains "magic skills" that will change your life!
You'll acquire the "most powerful weapon" of the remote era!

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Monglian
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Rules of Chatting and Conversation
Creating bonds in no time at all!  Rules for chatting and conversation that make people want to talk more!
Chapter 2: Rules for Praise and Scolding
Be a "motivational wizard"!  Rules on how to praise and scold to inspire motivation
Chapter 3: Rules of Explanation
Everyone will nod their heads, be convinced, and be impressed!  Rules for simple and clear explanations by smart people
Chapter 4: Rules of Empathetic Speaking
Grab the other person's heart! Rules of sympathetic speaking for those who make people want to follow them
Chapter 5: Rules of Persuasion
Make people move immediately! Rules of "emological" persuasion by capable person
Chapter 6: Rules for Presentations
No nervousness! 100% satisfaction! Rules for top-notch presentations that fascinate audiences
Chapter 7: Rules for Attraction
Everyone will become your most devoted fan!  Charismatic leader's rules of attraction

Appendix 1: Five ways to simplify the 3-dense slides of a presentation
Appendix 2: The basic rules for being trusted

Author Profile

Junko Okamoto is an executive speech coach and communication strategist, known as the "Legendary Tutor." The President and Representative Director of Glocom, Inc.
Graduated from Waseda University, Department of Political Science and Economics. Master's degree in International Relations from Cambridge University. She is a former visiting scholar at the MIT School of Comparative Media Studies.
She has been involved in private coaching of presentations and speeches for top elites, including leaders of many major Japanese and foreign companies, bureaucrats, and politicians.
Her method of coaching is based on her unique know-how, which combines the verbalization and expression skills, developed as a newspaper reporter, with the performance skills and the scientific knowledge she learned in New York.
She has taught her "secret communication know-how" to more than 1,000 presidents and corporate executives. She has been called "the legendary tutor" for the dramatic improvements in speaking skills and results she brings.
(Information is current at the time of publishing.)
世界最高の話し方 戦後経済史 世界一シンプルで科学的に証明された究極の食事 マーケターのように生きろ 東京貧困女子。