Live like a Marketer

The way of thinking and acting of a person always needed

Daisuke Inoue
Publication Date: February 2021
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ISBN:9784492046852 / Size:H188mm x W130mm / Softcover / 290 pages

Immediately after its publication, the book was decided to be translated and published in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand!

There is a way of life where "being not special" becomes your strongest weapon.
You don't have to have anything you want to do.
Just do what others want you to do, but do it thoroughly and thoroughly.

"Marketer" is not a job title, but a way of life and working.
This book explains how to think and act based on marketing to maximize your "self-worth."

-- Four steps
With four steps created by the wisdom of marketing, become a "needed person" in work, career, side job, private life...everything!

STEP1 Discover "where you shine the brightest"......Defining your market
STEP2 Find out "what they want"......Defining your value
STEP3 Understand "what you should do"......Creating your value
STEP4 Let "the person who needs you" find you......Communicating your value

-- The benefits of this book
1) You can find the place and way where you can shine.
By living your life like a marketer who "starts with the other person" rather than yourself, you will discover where you are needed and how to shine there!

2) You will understand the essence of marketing.
It has become essential for every businessperson to acquire marketing knowledge " defining markets, defining, creating, and communicating value" in a world where values are drastically changing.
In this book, a marketing practitioner explains the essence of marketing in full detail!

-- A message from the author
I know that I don't have any special talent.
If I had, I wouldn't have had those "dark days."

I have become "needed by people" because of marketing as "wisdom for living," which I have mastered in the 20 years from those dark days to the present.

By understanding marketing, I have been able to expand the scope of my work significantly. It also helped me to rethink my career plan. Not only that, but by extending it to the level of my way of life, I have been able to enrich my hobbies and send out information.

I want to share with you all the marketing as "wisdom for living" in this book.

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"Marketer" is not a job title, but a way of life and working.
This book explains how to think and act based on marketing to maximize your "self-worth."

Table of Contents

- If you live like a marketer, you can shine even if you don't have anything you want to do.
- The concept of "marketing" has changed my life 180 degrees.

The concept of "Living like a Marketer" is to be helpful to others and increase your  value

CHAPTER 1   Marketing is a "thought."
- Marketing is designing an "exchange of value
- Marketing is a "thought" that is useful for all people

CHAPTER 2   Marketing is "the fruit of human wisdom
- A magnificent experiment to "understand and meet the expectations of others."
- Three misunderstandings about marketing
- The three most important "practical knowledge

Four steps of "Living like a Marketer" to improve your work, career, and life

STEP1 Define the Market: Find "the place where you shine brightest"
STEP2 Define Value: Understand "what others want"
STEP3 Create Value: Understand "what you should do"
STEP4 Communicate Value: Have "the person who needs you" find you

- Once again, I recommend "Living like a Marketer."

Author Profile

Daisuke Inoue

Daisuke Inoue is the General Manager of Media Management Department, Communication Division, Product & Marketing Division, Softbank Corp.

He aspired to be a musician in his youth but failed and started working as a planner at a small advertising company.
Although he could not do any work at all at first, after awakening to the idea that "work is to be of service to others," which he learned from the wisdom of marketing, he became "needed" not only at work but in all situations.
He has held management positions at Air New Zealand, Unilever, and Audi Japan. After serving as General Manager of Marketing Division, MS Headquarters, Yahoo Japan Corporation, he was appointed to his current position.
He is a frequent contributor to magazines and web media and a frequent speaker at lectures and seminars.
(Information is current at the time of publishing.)

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