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Change the Modern Disease "Lack of Concentration" into Intelligence. Your Brain Will Speed Up and Get Creative!

Toshinao Sasaki
Publication Date: January 2022
List Price 1,760 JPY (10% consumption tax included)
ISBN:9784492046869 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 404 pages

In this book, you'll find all the latest reading skills for books, the Internet, SNS, news, and paid media! You need to repeat "5 minutes of concentration". A "completely new way of reading" in an age of distraction by smartphones is revealed!

Read on and find out the secret to transforming fragmented knowledge and information into "intellectual meat" and connect it to the ability to think. You'll also learn how to use your unconscious mind as a weapon to come up with new ideas easily. And you can acquire "real thinking ability" and "new idea ability" at the same time!

Don't miss the 20-page color front page with photos of the "2,000-volume bookshelf at work" and the "complete list of iPhone apps." It's interesting even if you look at it here!

Reading, Thinking, Writing, and Ideation. This is the most influential book on all of these ultimate methods! With this book, learn the new reading skills needed in the age of smartphones, and change your brain and your life completely!

Internet articles: How to read through "400 sites" and "1000 headlines" every day
News: 3 steps to "deep reading" with your mind
SNS: How to use "Twitter" and "LINE" in a professional way
Books: "Making knowledge three-dimensional"! Reading tips for using memo apps to read even difficult books
Bookstore: Finding "good books" using the "connoisseurship of bookstore staff + the context of the bookshelf"
Organizing information: Use two types of storage to turn the knowledge you've gathered into "intellectual meat"
Output: The secret to coming up with ideas, how to write, and how to make notes
Tools: Here are the best apps to make your miscellaneous tasks more efficient

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This book reveals all the know-how of intellectual production in "the age of only 5 minutes of concentration": how to read, browse the Internet, and output.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The "Five Basic Assumptions" essential to modern intellectual production
Chapter 1: Identifying "Pitfalls" and Selecting "What to Read" - Sifting through Information Sources
Chapter 2: "What" to look for on the Internet - Get good "push information" and "pull information" at the same time.
Chapter 3: How to use social networking sites - Using Twitter as an "information tool" and how to get "pull information" on SNS The secret to using Twitter as an "information tool"
Chapter 4: How to read, organize, and save selected articles. How to manage information - Using "read later" applications
Chapter 5: "What" and "How" to read books - How to find and choose books, how to read books, tips on reading great books, how to use e-books and brick-and-mortar bookstores.
Chapter 6: The key to utilizing knowledge and information is to use the "two saving" methods - "4 steps" to grow "intellectual meat" for yourself.
Chapter 7: Recommendation of using "Two Styles" to keep your brain clear - What tools should you use to streamline your daily chores thoroughly and generate more time?
Chapter 8: Utilize the power of distraction and work at the "optimal interval"! The secret of "multitasking" - combining tasks and accumulating "short bursts of concentration"

Author Profile

Toshinao Sasaki is a writer and journalist and one of Japan's strongest commentators on the Internet. He covers everything inexhaustibly from technology to politics, economics, society, and lifestyle.
Since around 2010, he has been active on Twitter and Facebook. He now has about 780,000 followers on Twitter and about 20,000 on Facebook.
This book is the first time he has published all the know-how he practices every day in one volume. It contains from input techniques "how to gather and read articles and news" and "how to choose and read books," to output techniques such as "how to organize information," "how to come up with ideas," and "how to write and handle tasks."
(Information is current at the time of publishing.)
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