Creative Problem Solving for Non-Creators

Taro Saito
Publication Date: January 2022
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ISBN:9784492047026 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 290 pages

One of Japan’s leading creative directors explains how to solve business problems !

Don’t believe in Orientation.
Possessing the customer.
Decide on taglines and concept words.
Don’t do presentations, etc.

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The author started the “Kaku Highball” (whisky and soda) boom in Japan. He is also behind the AI interpreter “Poketalk” and the cab app “GO.”
In this book, the remarkable creative director reveals for the first time his professional thinking and know-how for “making any request work.” It will be helpful for all business people.
It is a guide for non-creators to solve business problems creatively!

Table of Contents

Introduction: Creative Evolution: From “Expression” to “Business”
Chapter 1: Finding the Essence of the Problem - “Exploring,” “Listening,” and “Observing”
Chapter 2: Making a Hypothesis - “Imagining,” “Thinking,” and “Creating”
Chapter 3: Finding Solutions: “Moving,” “Selecting,” and “Communicating”
Case Study: How “Kaku Highball” Became a Miraculous Hit
Chapter 4: Techniques for Enhancing Creative Problem Solving Skills
Chapter 5: The Mind for Creative Problem Solving

Author Profile

Taro Saito

Communication Designer / Creative Director
Representative of dof Inc. and Co-Chairman of CC Inc.
Outside Director of ZOZO Corporation, CARTA HOLDINGS Corporation, and Four Startups, Inc.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. After graduating from Keio University SFC, he joined Dentsu Inc.

After 10 years at Dentsu, he established dof Inc. in 2005 with the mission of “Creating Culture and Value.” The company’s slogan is “We make things happen.”
Their clients range from national clients to start-up companies. From management strategy, business strategy, product/service development, marketing strategy planning, media planning, and the final creative output, the company specializes in proposals focusing on “problem-solving” from upstream to downstream communication. He has been involved in the branding of Suntory’s “Kaku Highball” since its launch and is now in the 15th year.
(Information is current at the time of publishing.)
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