Philosophy 100 Basics

Yuichiro Okamoto
Publication Date: December 2022
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ISBN:9784492047194 / Size:H210mm × W130mm / Softcover / 320 pages

Kant, Plato, Markus Gabriel, Watsuji Tetsuro, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and more. You can understand the pattern of thinking of the world's greatest intellectual giants in a single phrase.

- From the Introduction -
Philosophy takes a broad perspective and a long-range approach when thinking about things. It is a way of taking a step back and asking, "What does it all mean originally?" Philosophy then proposes a new set of spectacles for thinking about how we should look at the world... In this book, I present the glasses of thought that philosophy has proposed for 2,500 years. Try them out and see for yourself. I expect you will be surprised by what you discover.

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You can understand philosophy, the required education for business people, neatly in one phrase.
Learn the essence of philosophy comprehensively without any prerequisite knowledge!
Full of universal concepts that can be used at work and in life.
This book is a prescription for our troubled times.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Understanding the Essence of Life
Introduction: Philosophy - What is Philosophy?
Chapter 1: Human- What is Human?
Chapter 2: Knowledge - What Can We Know?
Chapter 3: Morality - What We Should Do?
Chapter 4: Happiness - What Can We Desire?

PART 2 Searching for Truth
Chapter 5: Religion - What to Believe
Chapter 6: World - The World is Full of Mysteries
Chapter 7: Nature - How to Understand Nature

PART 3 Living in the World without Right Answer
Chapter 8: Institutions - Visible and Invisible Institutions
Chapter 9: Society - How to Live in Harmony with Others
Chapter 10: History - How to Live in History

Author Profile

Yuichiro Okamoto

Professor Emeritus, Tamagawa University
Professor Okamoto was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1954. He received his B.A. in Philosophy and Ethics from the Graduate School of Letters, Kyushu University. D. in Literature.
After working as an assistant at Kyushu University and as a professor at the Faculty of Letters, Tamagawa University, he assumed his current position in 2019.
He specializes in modern and contemporary Western philosophy, but his interests are wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary in philosophy and technology.
His book "What the World's Philosophers Are Thinking About Now"(Diamond, Inc.) was a bestseller, summarizing the thinking of contemporary philosophers into the 21st century.
His many other books include "History of French Modern Thought"(Chuko Shinsho), "Modern Thought from 12 Years Old"(Chikuma Shinsho), "Mono Sapiens"(Kobunsha Shinsho), and "Hegel and the Criticality of Modern Thought"(Nakanishiya Shuppan).

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世界最高の話し方 戦後経済史 世界一シンプルで科学的に証明された究極の食事 マーケターのように生きろ 東京貧困女子。