What if you were suddenly told you had cancer?

Okio Hino
Publication Date: April 2023
List Price 1,540 JPY (10% consumption tax included)
ISBN:9784492047309 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 224 pages

You may be unable to resolve anxiety and worries completely, but you can lessen them.

The author of this book, a doctor, has been close to more than 5,000 patients and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer and are anxious and worried. He hopes this book helps people facing difficulties look at their own lives in a new light. The book is written in an easy-to-read novel style. If you, your family, or your loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer and feel anxious, this book is for you.

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A comforting book by a doctor who has been close to over 5,000 cancer patients and their families! It aims to alleviate your anxieties and worries.

Table of Contents

- Just be beside them
- You are helping someone just by being alive
- Why did I get cancer?
- They didn't become evil because they wanted to
- Even if you get sick, don't become a sick person.
- Even if every day is stormy now, there will surely be a calm day
- The saying, "I'm lonely," will cure the loneliness
- What a doctor realized when they got cancer
- Consideration is more important than righteousness
- Sometimes, people have conflicts with each other.
- Why he never told his wife about his cancer
- You have one last job left to do: to die
- Now you're all right

Author Profile

Okio Hino

Dr. Hino is a Professor Emeritus at Juntendo University, director of the Inazo Nitobe Memorial Center, and chairman of Keisen Women's Academy.

He was born in Shimane Prefecture in 1954. Doctor of Medicine. He worked at The Cancer Institute of JFCR, Marion Bessin Liver Research Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and others before assuming his current position.
In 2008, he established the "Cancer Philosophy Outpatient Clinic" at Juntendo Hospital to bridge the gap between the medical field and cancer patients. The following year, he founded the "NPO Cancer Philosophy Outpatient Clinic" and became its president.

His books include "Welcome to Cancer Philosophy Outpatient Clinic" (SHINCHOSHA Publishing), "Even If You Leave This World Tomorrow, Water Today's Flowers" (GENTOSHA), and "Good Words to Realize Ikigai" (PHP Institute).

(Information is current at the time of publishing.)

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