Fifty Years of the Political Struggle in Osaka

The Ishin Party and the Postwar History of the Commercial City

Ushio Shiota
Publication Date: May 2022
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ISBN:9784492212516 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 384 pages

The peak of the "Expo '70," the Communist Party administration, the era of comedian and female governor, the emergence of Hashimoto and the Ishin party, and the Matsui-Yoshimura system.

The period around 1970, when Osaka hosted Expo '70, was the economic peak of the "commercial city" Osaka. After that, the Osaka economy followed a path of stagnation and decline. Witnessing the economic stagnation and the critical financial situation of Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City, a new political movement was launched.

In February 2008, Toru Hashimoto, a lawyer, emerged as governor of Osaka Prefecture. In 2010, he launched Osaka Ishin, a local political party that became the predecessor of the current policy party Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party). The Ishin party maintained its vitality through the "winter period," with repeated rises, falls, and ups and downs.

Nippon Ishin made a significant breakthrough in the October 2021 lower house election. It has survived and presently has a presence as a new type of political force. This book traces the history of "50 years of Osaka politics" from the 1970 World Exposition, the height of postwar Osaka. And through the collapse of the bubble economy and the subsequent "lost 30 years" to the present day in 2022, the author re-examines the trajectory of the "postwar rise and fall history of the commercial capital."

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Why did Osaka, "Japan's second capital," fall? A talented nonfiction writer describes the history and challenges of Osaka politics based on the testimonies of many people involved.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Political Struggle in Postwar Osaka
Chapter 1: Success in Attracting the 2025 Osaka-Kansai World Exposition
Chapter 2: The 1970 Osaka World Exposition at the peak
Chapter 3: Kuroda's Communist Party Government
Chapter 4: Construction of Kansai International Airport
Chapter 5: Politician Shojuro Shiokawa
Chapter 6: The Bubble Economy and the Olympic Games Challenge
Chapter 7: Yokoyama Nock and the First Female Governor Ota
Chapter 8: The Toru Hashimoto Experiment
Chapter 9: The Birth of the Osaka Metropolis Plan
Chapter 10: The Winter Era of Ishin
Chapter 11: The Matsui-Yoshimura System
Chapter 12: Major Breakthrough of Ishin
Final Chapter: Is Osaka Burning?

Author Profile

Ushio Shiota

Ushio Shiota is a nonfiction writer and critic born in 1946. After graduating from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University, he worked as a magazine editor and reporter before making his debut in 1983 with the publication of "The Day Kasumigaseki Shook." The same year, he won the 5th Kodansha Nonfiction Award for this work. He has written numerous books.

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