Sir, Please Don't Praise Me in Front of the Others

Youths with Good Child Syndrome

Daisuke Kanama
Publication Date: March 2022
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In Japan today, many young people do not want to be praised and do not want to stand out.

Characteristics of these young people are:
- They say, "Please give equal treatment to those who succeed and those who don't."
- Their deciding factor of choice is influencers.
- They say, "I always think, what if I stand out from the people around me."
- LINE groups nurtured their worldview.
- They consult their peers about questions from their bosses.
- They don't have self-confidence, but they want to contribute to society.

A researcher of innovation and motivation thoroughly analyzes the grave changes in the Reiwa era!

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They do not want to be praised and do not want to stand out. A researcher of innovation and motivation analyzes the grave changes occurring among Japan's youth.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sir, Please Don't Praise Me in Front of the Others - Young People Who Don't Want to Stand Out
Chapter 2: Please Give Equal Treatment to Those Who Succeed and Those Who Don't - Their Ideal is Equal Distribution at All Times
Chapter 3: I'm Afraid My Proposal Will Be Adopted - Youths Who Can't Make Decisions for Themselves
Chapter 4: I Always Think of What to Do if I Stand Out - Insurance on Insurance Relationships
Chapter 5: Good Child Syndrome Exhibited Even in Job Hunting - They Just Want Stability
Chapter 6: I'll Do It If They Ask Me to - A Warped Yearning to Contribute to Society
Chapter 7: I Don't Have the Ability to Do It - Young People Lacking Self-Confidence to Any Extent
Chapter 8: I Was Just Waiting for Instructions - The Spread of School-record Society Orientation Among Young People
Chapter 9: Japanese Who Drag Others Down - The Society in Which the Youngsters Were Raised
Chapter 10: To Young People with the Good Child Syndrome - Changing the Environment, Changing Yourselves

Author Profile

Daisuke Kanama

Daisuke Kanama is a professor in the School of Entrepreneurial and Innovation Studies, College of Transdisciplinary Sciences for Innovation, Kanazawa University, and a visiting professor at the Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo.
He was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University. He worked in the Applied Physics Laboratory and was involved in research on surface properties until he received his Ph.
During his doctoral studies, he went to Virginia Tech for graduate school and found the field of innovation management, which was a newly offered course, fascinating. Since then, he has conducted research on innovation theory, technology management, marketing, and industry-academia collaboration. He has also researched "motivation for innovation" and has collaborated with numerous organizations in the education and human resource development industries.
His major publications include "Motivation for Innovation: The Source of Entrepreneurship and Challenging Spirit" (Maruzen Publishing) and "Economics for Innovation and Marketing" (co-authored, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.).

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