Amazon's Amazing HR Strategy

Masayuki Sato
Publication Date: June 2022
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ISBN:9784492261187 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 336 pages

Employees move independently! Faster growth! Business performance improves!
This is the "human resources" know-how that supports Amazon's growth!

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This book contains hiring, training, and goal management information at Amazon, the world's most powerful company!

- OLP, the Amazonian code of conduct and thinking
- The "Bar Raiser" who has absolute authority over hiring
- "Metrics Culture" to achieve 20% growth every year
- "One on One" to achieve trajectory changes weekly
- "9 Blocks" to correctly assign people according to their abilities
... And others

This ultimate system, conceived by Jeff Bezos, keeps the employees and the organization performing at their best and growing sustainably!

Table of Contents

Chapter1: What's So Great About Amazon's Human Resources?
Chapter2: OLP, the Foundation for Everything at Amazon
Chapter3: Five Keywords to Better Understand Amazon's Human Resources
Chapter4: Amazon's Hiring Process
Chapter5: Amazon's Human Resource Development
Chapter6: Amazon's Goal Setting & Evaluation
Chapter7: Amazon's Leadership Training

Author Profile

Masayuki Sato

After working at Sega Enterprises, Masayuki Sato joined Amazon Japan in July 2000 as a founding member of the company. From 2005, he contributed to the development of one of the largest logistics networks in Japan as a director in the operations department. He left the company in 2016.
Currently, he is involved in developing Japanese food culture as a sushi chef and working as a management consultant, focusing on supporting corporate growth.
His books include "Amazon's Amazing Rules" and "Amazon's Amazing Problem Solving" (TAKARAJIMASHA,Inc.), "Amazon's Speed Work Techniques to Clear a Day's Tasks in an Hour" (KADOKAWA), and "Amazon's Amazing Meetings" (Toyo Keizai Inc.).

(Information is current at the time of publishing.)
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