Ski Resorts Profitable in Summer

The Law of "Reversal Hit" that No One Has Noticed

Yutaka Wada
Publication Date: November 2022
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ISBN:9784492503386 / Size:H188mm × W130mm / Softcover / 272 pages

The author has a unique career path from a bureaucrat to a consultant to a ski resort manager. He reveals the "Reversal Hit" law!

-The book overflows with " low-cost " ideas yet "super-buzzy"!
•A giant swing set became a big hit, with people waiting up to 5 hours for it.
•Attracting a famous bakery from Tokyo to the observation deck at the summit of a mountain, TV coverage flooded in, and people stood in line for up to an hour.
•A rare mountain bike course for beginners in Japan increased the number of visitors tenfold.
•Converting several old guesthouses into one luxury ryokan (Japanese inn) doubled both occupancy rates and revenue per guest.
•Attracting a popular scone store resulted in the highest number of visitors in a single day.
•Held Japan's first music festival at the top of a mountain, and famous Japanese musicians performed.

-The "Seeds of Profit" are hidden close by you!
Skiers visiting Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort were drastically decreasing. Inbound visitors also disappeared due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
But in just two years, the man transformed the declining resort into a "summer money-making" ski resort. He reveals his "reverse thinking" method that achieves outstanding results!

-Message from the author
A " hidden asset" could be a treasure for the company or the community if it were polished, but for some reason, it remains buried.
Hidden assets are already there and can be utilized, making them less costly and time-consuming than creating something from scratch.
It is also easier for customers to understand why the business should be there.
Therefore, if you can recognize "hidden assets" that have potential, the probability of success will increase dramatically.
I will thoroughly explain how to discover and utilize these "hidden assets" in this book through our Hakuba case study.

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What is the "reversal idea" that turned a once-popular ski resort into a "summer resort"? This is the first publication of the entire method of finding and refining the "seeds of profit" that no one else has noticed!

Table of Contents

Prologue: I wept for the crowds in "Hakuba in Summer"
Chapter 1: What a waste! Find the "Hidden Assets" - What are "Hidden Assets"?
Chapter 2: Goodbye, imitations. "Stale" is the biggest enemy - "Attitude" to find the hidden assets
Chapter 3: Play first! Locals know what's good - "Eyes" to find hidden assets.
Chapter 4: Don't narrow your vision! Think in terms of aspects, not dots - "Location" to find hidden assets
Chapter 5: Don't worry about your "size"! Work with the best partners - Improve your hidden assets with the "Power of Partners"
Chapter 6: Leverage outside forces! Form a powerful support group - Polish your hidden assets with the power of your "Support Group"
Chapter 7: Be proud! Don't be ashamed to accept the price for your services - "Pricing Strategy" to improve your hidden assets
Chapter 8: Wait a minute! Cost management is more critical when you are on the offensive - "Cost Management" to improve hidden assets
Chapter 9: You'll never know unless you try! "Hitting a lot of balls" decides the game - "Team Power" for continued growth

Author Profile

Yutaka Wada

President, Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort
Born in Tokyo in 1976, Wada graduated from the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Law in 2000. After working for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Bain & Company, he began working in Hakuba in 2014.
Low snowfall in 2016-17 caused a sharp decline in ski resort visitors. In response, as the manager of Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort, he worked to reform the resort to become an "all-season mountain resort" that does not rely solely on winter skiing visitors.
As a result of a series of innovative ideas, in 2019, green season visitors exceeded winter season visitors, and revenues improved; despite the impact of the COVID-19 disaster, 2021 green season visitors reached a record high.
The program's success has been a significant talking point and has been featured in over 100 television programs in just four years.
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