A Quick Guide to the Basics of Mathematics for Business

GLOBIS and Tsuyoshi Shimada
Publication Date: July 2022
List Price 1,760 JPY (10% consumption tax included)
ISBN:9784492762615 / Size:H210mm × W148mm / Softcover / 224 pages

GLOBIS is one of the largest business schools in Japan. The author has taught at GLOBIS and its predecessors for over 25 years. He has felt too many businesspeople lost money because they could not think mathematically. So he wrote this book to encourage them to relearn the fundamentals of mathematics.

Advantages of using mathematics in business
1. Better decision making
2. Better prediction of the future
3. Less likely to be deceived by others

Being a business school teacher, he was able to write this "really useful" book on basic math. He carefully explains the stumbling points.

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This book alone covers 95% of the math taught in an MBA!
The very basics you can improve your work just knowing it!
It is perfect for those who want to relearn or liberal arts majors!

Table of Contents

Chapter1: Quotient
Chapter2: Linear Functions
Chapter3: Exponential Functions
Chapter4: Average
Chapter5: Probability
Chapter6: Standard Deviation
Chapter7: Sets
Chapter8: Differentiation
Appendix: Proof by Contradiction

Author Profile


GLOBIS is one of Japan's leading business schools and the spark that ignited the MBA boom.
In addition to the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS operates corporate human resource development services, venture capital business, and publishing/electronic publishing business.

Tsuyoshi Shimada

Director of GLOBIS Publishing Bureau, Professor, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University
Tsuyoshi Shimada graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the same university. Over the years, he has made various observations on "thinking mathematically" and "working with numbers."
He is the author of "MBA Quantitative Analysis," "LIVE: Accounting Classroom," "KPI Compendium," and others. He has also authored and co-authored numerous other books.

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